Hiberno Norse Kit

OK this is where things start to get a bit tricky. Hibero, or Gael, Norse kit is .. well a bit different to most other for this period. Yet at the same time it incorporates elements of a lot of the other ethnic groups at the same time. If Wirral based its trickier still as […]

Basic Kit guide

I made loads of mistakes when i put together my first set of kit – I am still sorting some of them out now. It can be an expensive mistake to make so beware of the internet (ironic I know…) With the below you are good for most ethnic groups and periods (assuming you are male) and […]


Ingimund and the Viking settlement of Wirral

One of the things about the dark ages is the lack of documentation about what happened. TBH pretty much why its called the Dark Ages. However there was some stuff written down and in particular the settlement of Wirral by Norsemen who had been recently evicted from Dublin and who had been beaten back by […]