Hiberno Norse Kit

OK this is where things start to get a bit tricky. Hibero, or Gael, Norse kit is .. well a bit different to most other for this period. Yet at the same time it incorporates elements of a lot of the other ethnic groups at the same time. If Wirral based its trickier still as Great Meols was a major port linking the mainland UK to Dublin. So you also get influences from pretty much the whole viking sphere.

I will split this into the three main social classes (plus some specific variants for Warriors etc) but the general rule seems to be the higher status you are – the more colorful you will be. It also needs to be split into different time periods. Early to mid 10th Cent is different to Mid to late 10th Cent. Additionally the Wirral is different to other Hiberno settlements (such as those in Scotland and Iceland)… So if you want to be different, portraying Hiberno Norse from the Wirral is where it’s at (apart from the eastern stuff but that is really just Viking porn to be honest). I will also be concentrating on male clothing – I know very little about the female clothing from the period(s) but once I have the male side done will have a stab at female clobber too

So please bear with me whilst I try to get this into some sort of order.

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